Advisory services for the biochemicals industry


The chemical industry is facing extensive challenges in meeting the climate goals and the ever-growing sustainability demands along the value chain. It is without a doubt a highly carbon intensive industry, using mostly carbon feedstock and fossil fuels for process energy.

The chemical sector is under pressure to reinvent itself. It is required to identify renewable alternatives to fossil-based raw materials, such as biomass and wastes, as alternative feedstock. In addition, many of the production processes are energy intensive and to reduce their carbon footprint the chemical producers need to rethink their energy mix.

Biochemicals – A path for Forest Industry to generate higher value returns

For the forest industry sector  biochemicals open new business segments and a path for generating higher value returns.  Wood-based biochemicals offer new revenue streams and a way for both material producers and brand owners to improve their performance.

Vision Hunters assists clients in understanding the biochemicals business dynamics and in creating a holistic strategic approach for the biochemicals market.  We offer support in identification of new opportunities and in creating a path to replace fossil-based chemicals with bio-based alternatives. We also help to estimate the feasibilities and requirements for a roadmap forward.

The bioeconomy, that includes biochemicals is one of the most rapidly growing economic sectors in the world. The growth is driven by consumers, investors and brand owner’s sustainability requirements and governmental regulations.  Vision Hunters has a strong track record and expertise in helping clients to navigate and analyse the opportunities in the bio-based businesses.

The bioeconomy is one of the most rapidly growing economic sectors in the world

Our expertise covers biomass side stream utilisation, screening of new technologies, industrial scale business opportunity verification and feasibility, and industry-specific strategic assignments.
We work with all industry stakeholders including the biochemical suppliers.

Vision Hunters' offering for the biochemical sector includes e.g. the following:

  • Co-operation production opportunities
  • Strategic market analysis
  • Screening of innovative technologies
  • New and scalable business opportunities
  • Feasibility studies
  • M&A services