Hanna Lahtinen, Strategy Analyst

Hanna has a Master of Science in Economics & Business Administration. She has also studied Environmental Engineering and has gained experience in circular economy from the primary and secondary sectors. Hanna is keen to promote natural capitalism and sustainable usage of resources. Hanna joined Vision Hunters in May 2021.

I am eager to translate my ideas into projects and my dreams into concrete goals

After my graduation I searched for an opportunity where I could utilise my versatile employment history and educational background in finance and environmental engineering. Among other things, I’ve gained experience as a process operator and forester, so sustainability and resource efficiency are familiar concepts for me from grass-root level. My studies in the forestry sector built a strong foundation for my subsequent degree in economics and business administration. I am especially interested in renewable assets,  business and market dynamics, and green finance. Vision Hunters feels like a perfect fit for me and I am very excited to be a part of the team and further pursue my professional goals.

A doer and a dreamer

I am a 50-50 idealist-realist. I like to combine my analytical mindset and way of thinking with my creative side. I am eager to translate my ideas into projects and my dreams into concrete goals.
I am passionate about music and also very fond of nature and wildlife. In my spare time I often sit at the piano and compose my own music. It helps me to focus and unwind and I feel that there is a perfect track for every occasion.
I also like hiking and just wandering around in the nature. Finland is the land of green gold with a plethora of beautiful places. I hope that through my work I can be a part of helping clients to  strive  for innovation to tackle global sustainability challenges.

Hanna Lahtinen

Strategy Analyst