Klaus Syrjä, Analyst Trainee

Klaus is studying at Aalto University School of Business, Helsinki, and is majoring in finance. His specific areas of interest in finance include M&As, corporate finance and ESG investing.  He has been a part of the Vision Hunters team since April 2021.

I feel personally motivated to work on projects that will make a difference.

Since I started at Vision Hunters, I have been taking part in multiple different projects. I am interested in problem solving and business development and my tasks often involve data analysis, financial modelling, or preparation of reporting material. The variety of my work has been exciting, since each week is an opportunity to learn something new and expand my knowledge.

As an analyst, it is critical to research and comprehend the big picture when executing an assignment. It is also crucial to be able to create a short and concise evaluation of a concept in such a way that it offers information in the simplest form and provides an concise overview to aid decision making.  Presenting ideas and making meaningful statistical analyses often requires creativity and problem solving. These skills are something that I personally think are important for all analysts and especially in management consulting.

Management consulting in the forest and bioindustry related sectors is motivating to me because these industries are in very exciting phases with a great deal of near future growth potential. This industry has the potential to make a significant impact on climate questions and sustainability, and I feel personally motivated to work on projects that will make a difference.

Learning from the best

Working with ambitious and very talented professionals who are always willing to help me to improve has made me enjoy this experience even more.

Getting to apply the knowledge from my studies and combining it with real-world projects is something that makes this kind of work meaningful, and a big reason why I think the Analyst Trainee position at Vision Hunters is such a great opportunity. It has also been fantastic that my strengths and special expertise, such as foreign language skills have been utilized in project work. In my opinion this shows good professional development skills from our Project Managers – who get the most out of the project teams by knowing each member on a personal level.

Klaus Syrjä

Analyst Trainee