Saara Sumu, Analyst Trainee

Saara has a bachelor’s degree in Economics and Business Administration from Aalto University. She has studied Environmental Economics as a minor at the University of Helsinki and focuses on that field also in her master’s studies. Environmental sustainability is a core value for Saara, and in her career, she wants to contribute to finding solutions to ecological problems, including the climate crisis and biodiversity loss.

"Companies – and creative people within them – play a key role in solving the greatest challenges of our time."

The increasing concerns on climate change compels us to develop more sustainable and efficient methods of producing energy and products, while also reducing our reliance on fossil fuels. This means that the efficiency of existing solutions should be increased, resulting in higher utilisation of side and recycling streams, as well as deployment of new advanced technologies.

Saara joined the Vision Hunters team in May 2022. Prior to that, she worked as a trainee for a global industrial company for three years during her studies. “It has been an exciting experience to switch from a huge corporation to a small consulting company,” Saara says.

Economics and mathematics have always been of interest to Saara, but she is also keen on ecological issues and nature. Therefore, environmental economics has felt like a perfect field of study for Saara. “As an economist, I believe markets are the best way to organize economic activity. However, we need to ensure that our economy only grows in accordance with the planetary limits. Natural resources are limited, and we are ultimately dependent on healthy nature.”

No two days are alike

At Vision Hunters, Saara’s tasks are versatile. “As an analyst trainee, I assist in our projects and my job content varies from report preparation to financial analysis and data gathering. I enjoy the wide range of tasks and the fact that I continuously learn something new. It is hard to get bored.”



Saara Sumu

Analyst Trainee