Teija Konttori, Managing Director

Teija (M.Sc. Paper Technology and International Business) has been working in the management consulting business for more than 15 years. Her key role has been to act as a strategic advisor for forest industry customers and stakeholders on a global scale. She is also a seasoned speaker at industry conferences in Europe, Latin America, and China.

“Exploring opportunities in these disruptive times may feel like running a competition in the dark”

Teija is driven by the opportunity to contribute to sustainable development of clients’ businesses and to bring value to their long-term business development throughout the value chain. Teija has been acting as a pulp industry expert in various strategic assignments. She has been heading Vision Hunters since 2018.

Brazil is close to her heart and she has a passion for the plantation-based pulp industry. Teija has a working level knowledge of Portuguese acquired during her time being based in Latin America.

As a leader I encourage professional and individual growth

I believe that coaching, and a visionary leadership style leads to success and enables progress. I want to encourage professional and individual growth of our employees, based on their own strengths and motivation. I challenge my team to set high goals, in order to support continuous growth and development of new skills.

Visionary leadership is a must, as in our business it is important to see the big picture.

As a company we also need to be agile, as the world around is continuously changing.  At Vision Hunters we encourage free thinking. After all, we are a network of independent thinkers creating value for our customers.

New opportunities demand cooperation

“The rapidly changing world is challenging the industry players. It is forcing companies and industries to work together to find new opportunities to develop a more sustainable future.

In the present climate, it is vital for the company management to have access to analytically prepared scenarios and strategies when identifying alternative consistent business decisions.

Exploring opportunities in these disruptive times may feel like running a competition in a dark and muddy forest, not knowing really what is ahead, but at the finish line is easy to smile!”: Teija summarizes.

Teija Konttori

Managing Director