Anna Nuotio, Project Manager

Anna (M.Sc. Technology) has been working in different project stages in the Pulp and Paper industry including feasibility, basic engineering and detail engineering projects, ranging from global mega sized projects to smaller strategic techno-economic studies. Her role at Vision Hunters is to conduct technical and strategic analysis. Anna joined Vision Hunters in 2021 and has a previous background as a Process Engineer

New bio-based opportunities are continually appearing – what is required is identification and implementation.

“It is exciting to be a part of the bioeconomy transformation and see how technological advancements are resulting in new fiber-based alternatives to fossil-based products”: Anna comments.

“We must become more resource efficient and close the energy and water loops even further. To reduce waste, the circularity of materials will necessitate processes that utilize all side streams and end-products that are designed for reuse and recycling.”

The concept of converting pulp mills into biorefineries will continue to evolve, allowing for new business models and platforms for outside operators. New bioeconomy opportunities are continually appearing; all that is required is for them to be identified and implemented.

At home outdoors

Like many Finns, Anna enjoys spending time in the woods, and mushroom picking is one of her favorite activities. “There are about 100 delicate or superb mushroom species in our woodlands, and learning to recognize them all will take a lifetime”

“My engineering background occasionally takes over, and I take a more scientific approach to mushroom hunting, analyzing topographic maps to have a better understanding of the terrain and the types of mushrooms to seek. Admittedly, I do have a sort of geeky component to my personality.”

Aside from the satisfaction of picking a basket full of mushrooms, the catch provides unlimited inspiration for culinary masterpieces to be enjoyed with  family and friends.

Anna Nuotio

Project Manager