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Vision Hunters provides strategic advisory services for the forest and bio-based  industries. We serve clients globally in all critical parts of this sector:  From Fiber, Biorefinery, Paper, Paperboard and Packaging, Tissue and Hygiene, Energy, Biochemicals, Forest Assets, through to Wood Products. We have a track record we can be truly proud of: we have advised many of the leading companies in the forest industry assisting the leadership teams in making the smartest strategic choices for improving the outcome of their companies in the future.

We are a network of highly experienced, independent thinkers who are focused on producing positive results. Our global team has accumulated a wealth of knowledge and expertise over the course of  decades, and we are driven by a strong desire to bring innovative concepts to life.  Through our research on over 60 markets globally, we have become one of the most well-known consulting companies within the pulp and paper industry.

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Vision and Values

We want to be the first choice in forest industryadvisory and strategic consulting services.

Vision and Values

We want to be the first choice in forest industryadvisory and strategic consulting services.


We do what is right - we apply the best working standards, comply with laws and regulations, and respect the rules of engagement.

Client first

The client’s interests always come first – we go the extra mile for our clients.


We create value for our clients by providing tailored solutions based on independent analytical opinions.


Mr. Rainer Häggblom founded Vision Hunters in 2008 with the vision to be an independent advisor for the pulp and paper industry. Vision Hunters entered the market at a time when the Western pulp and paper industry was undergoing significant industry restructuring. The consultancy was among the first companies involved in researching the growing specialty paper and packaging markets, and during its first decade of operating Vision Hunters has witnessed many of its European clients thrive.

Over the years the industry has also seen a surge in pulp and its increasingly manifold end uses, also as a material replacing plastic. More recently, the industry has transitioned into the era of natural fiber, with focus increasingly on issues related to sustainability, recyclability, product life-cycles and health. This transition requires new skills and thinking also from the consultants serving the industry. We are thrilled about the opportunity to operate in such exciting and turbulent times.

Global network

Collective knowledge of a global network of consultants and associates.