Improving efficiency, sustainability, and profitability

Identifying ways to improve process efficiency and remove bottlenecks

Operations improvement

Our experienced and hands-on technical team assists clients in improving their production efficiency and, hence, their cash flow. We apply our analytical step-by-step process to find production increase potential with minimal CAPEX and quick-fix items for short paybacks and fast returns. However, large CAPEX items are always carefully and critically considered and analysed. Feasibility of investments is always included in our studies.

Our operational excellence services are covering pulp and paper production, converting and energy assets as well as maintenance operations to support on development towards World Class Maintenance Practices. All analyses are performed in close co-operation with the mill personnel, who receive a new holistic perspective during the process.

A tangible implementation plan is delivered with target to increase the cash flow of the asset.

Technical assessment

In our technical assessment the main goal is often to improve the operations with “quick-fix” items and minimal CAPEX. Our experienced team will visit the site and complete a thorough analysis of the state of the machinery and auxiliary services. The reporting includes an As-Is analysis as well as key improvement ideas with CAPEX and feasibility analyses.

Increasing the cash flow of a pulp and paper mill

The main target is to increase the production of a pulp mill or paper machine based on the comprehensive asset and process analyses per department, and debottlenecking the identified problem areas. Improvement ideas are divided into different categories by CAPEX in order to identify most value-adding investments.

Supply chain management

Vision Hunters’ experts have strong experience of supply chain management in the forest industry value chain covering  pulp and paper products as well as mechanical wood products. Our services include supply chain strategies for both existing and new products, operations improvement, optimisation and cost reduction, identification of new opportunities as well as technologies to find innovative solutions for improved performance and capabilities.

Strategic sourcing and purchasing

Our team members have strong and practical experience in global sourcing and purchasing practices on both strategic and operational levels covering all key purchasing categories in pulp and paper industry.

Reporting includes tangible strategy and implementation plan. Our expert team can support on implementation process of developed sourcing strategy.

Maintenance assessment

Vision Hunters’ expertise cover MRO operations, developing and analysing the maintenance concept and strategy, including preventive maintenance. Our pragmatic approach targets to reduce MRO costs and to improve overall efficiency. In our work we aim towards world class maintenance processes and structures.

Quality assessment

Our partner company operates a test laboratory in which e.g. raw material properties, pulping capabilities and pulp quality can be tested and analysed against global benchmarks.