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Fiber & Pulp

The pulp and paper industry is going through profound change. With greater consolidation and multinational corporations, the sector has grown more global. Global disruptors are propelling development in opposing directions and polarising areas and economies.

Vision Hunters serves the fiber and pulp industry by providing detailed analysis of new opportunities, business dynamics, investment feasibility and assets, and target markets. We help clients to make decisions supporting sustainable growth and company value.

The extensive changes in the fiber market are mainly caused by the continuous and fastening pace of digitalisation. Consumer habits have been shaken and the consumption decline of traditional printing papers continues.

However, change also offers opportunities and pulp and paper companies are innovating their business models by diversifying into new products, particularly in biorefining.

As sustainability demands drive fiber-based product innovation, it creates new business opportunities for the pulp and paper industry. Broader, this contributes to the overall expansion of paper and forest products and fills the gap left by decreased paper consumption.

Harnessing our expertise for your success

The pulp and paper industry is undergoing a significant transformation.   Global disruptors are driving the development in contrary directions and are causing polarisation of the regions and economies.
Vision Hunters offers fundamental knowledge of the Forest Industry sector, and our Fiber & Pulp expertise is at our core.

A full scope of services:

We offer technical expertise (mill concept and operations) along solid end-use market insight. Our scope of services includes e.g. the following:

  • Sourcing strategy
  • Raw material availability and quality
  • Strategic market analysis
  • Feasibility study
  • Design of mill concept
  • Operational excellence
  • M&A services; business and technical due diligence, partner and acquisition target assignments