Modern biomass processing sites becoming complex biohubs

Delivering unique and forward-looking understanding of the entire lifecycle

Fibre & Pulp

State-of-the-art pulp mills capacities have grown during the past decades and start to reach a plateau from a sourcing, cost and ecological standpoint. The next growth will be horizontal. When expanding from traditional kraft pulp mills to cross-industrial biohubs, sidestreams will be better utilised becoming key components in replacing fossil-based raw materials for the e.g. biochemical and biomedical industries. As result, bioproduct mills will be increasingly complex seeing various operators and industries collaborating.

Vision Hunters provides insights for the fibre and pulp industry by providing e.g. detailed analyses of new bioproduct opportunities, improved resource efficiency and sidestream utilisation, operational excellence work through pulp line debottlenecking, and investment feasibility and due diligence work. Our detailed market knowledge ranges from recycled to textile and non-wood fibres and from mechanical to chemical pulps like fluff and dissolving.

Our product expertise and service offering in fibre & pulp

Product offering:

  • Softwood kraft pulp
  • Hardwood kraft pulp
  • Dissolving pulp
  • Fluff pulp
  • Recycled pulp
  • Non-wood pulp
  • Textile fibre

Service offering:

  • Raw material availability
  • Strategic market analysis
  • Quality and furnish optimisation
  • Feasibility study
  • Design of mill concept
  • Operational excellence; debottlenecking
  • Business and technical due diligence
  • Partner and acquisition target screening