Smartest strategic choicesfor future value creation

When developing and sharpening strategies, our clients can benefit from our strong industry experience, combined with forward-looking, hands-on strategic knowledge.

Corporate strategies

Thorough analysis of a company’s AS-IS situation forms the basis for the development of the TO-BE situation and corporate strategy. Our strong industry experience combined with hands-on strategic knowledge are valuable when building forward-looking strategies. Detailed analysis of assets and target markets help in steering the company towards the right direction.

Business, market and product strategies

Vision Hunters’ business, market and product strategy services cover the whole forest industry value chain. We combine our strong strategy and management experience with hands-on industry and operations expertise, supported with strong analytics of fundamental industry drivers, business dynamics and outlook. Our profound knowledge of e.g. the products, value chain, operations and technologies set a solid base that best supports strategy development and implementation.

Energy strategies

The development of an energy strategy includes a detailed energy portfolio assessment. The aim is to optimize the energy assets to meet the requirements of the current production machinery. Topics such as bioenergy and energy efficiency are strongly linked into the work.

Second opinion studies

Vision Hunters’ second opinion studies include a thorough analysis of the current situation and all available material based on which we form an independent opinion of the existing strategy. Our reports are prepared in a bankable format so that they can be used with various stakeholders.