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Advising on smart and efficient resource utilisation

Biomass & Forest

Climate change forces both plantation and natural forests to adapt to new conditions where sustainable forest management plays a key role. Strive for local sourcing and a fossil-free raw material base has rapidly surged growth of biomass across energy- and resource intensive industries.

Vision Hunters’ works in the core of the bioeconomy advising companies on nature-based solutions. Our sourcing know-how encompasses traditional forest assets, but increasingly also non-wood raw materials such as agrowaste and non-fossil sidestreams from different industrial processes

Our product expertise and service offering in biomass and forests

Product offering:

  • Natural forest
  • Plantation forest
  • Fast growing short rotation crops
  • Pellets & biochar
  • Sawdust, bark, and other forest residues
  • Bamboo
  • Other non-wood, such as straw, hemp, abaqa

Service offering:

  • Wood sourcing strategies
  • Raw material availability and price development
  • Holistic wood supply studies for existing and new investment projects
  • Strategic market and wood analyses of global wood and wood chips dynamics
  • Forest and plantation availability analyses and plantation development plans
  • Forest and plantation valuations
  • Land acquisition potential evaluations
  • Agrowaste availability and assessment of logistics costs