Meet our Hunters

Meet our Hunters. We are a global team of innovative and professional consultants, supported by a network of senior experts.  With a strong business background and a passion to turn great ideas to reality,  we serve clients in the  forest and bio-based industries on a global scale.We are the Vision Hunters. Take a moment to get to know some members of our growing team!

Rainer Häggblom, Partner & Chairman

"I am driven by challenges. A good leader also needs to have the courage to fail."

Iris Ollila, Managing Director

"I find it important to test and stretch one’s own boundaries through lifelong learning."

Samuel Leppänen, Project Manager

"Finding solutions beyond the obvious​ is often the key to success"

Hanna Lahtinen, Strategy Analyst

"I am eager to translate my ideas into projects and my dreams into concrete goals."

Anna Nuotio, Project Manager

New bioeconomy opportunities are continually appearing; all that is required is for them to be identified and implemented

Falk Steiner, Senior Consultant

"I am amazed by the endless efforts in innovation this industry has witnessed during the past 20 years."

Jussi Räsänen, Consultant, Vision Hunters

Jussi Räsänen, Consultant

“The future requires us to produce more with less and aim towards higher product value”

Martin Karlsson, Analyst

"The bioeconomy is critical to society's transition to a greener economy."

Patrick Poitevin, Senior Associate

“When you do something, do it with passion!”

Heikki Saarenhovi, Consultant

"Avoid the easiest option, as it may lead to outdated strategies and competitive advantages that have worked in the past."