Strategic consulting expertiseand advice

We at Vision Hunters provide strategic advisory services for our clients in the forest industry sector. We are highly experienced and result-oriented and have advised many of the leading companies in the industry.

Strategic analysis

When developing and reshaping strategies, our clients can benefit from our strong industry experience, combined with forward-looking, hands-on strategic knowledge. We provide e.g. detailed analyses of the AS-IS situation as well as assistance in market assessment that guide the decision-makers in developing and establishing strategies.

Vision Hunters can support in developing different types of strategies: corporate, business, sourcing and conversion strategies, and provide second opinions on existing strategies. As a deliverable, the client gets a comprehensive strategy document and a tangible plan for its implementation.

With an experienced team of experts, Vision Hunters also offers support in implementation.

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M&A Services

Various needs for documentation, such as due diligence analyses or preparation of information memoranda, come into play in M&A processes. In addition to assisting our clients in such preparations, we can act as an advisor in the entire partner identification process starting from screening of the potential acquisition targets. Our experienced, well connected team can open the right doors in the industry.

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Business Opportunities

We assist our clients in identifying new business opportunities through systematic, hands-on, customized analyses. Our service offering includes e.g. strategic market analyses, business opportunity analyses and technical feasibility studies.

We conduct analysis in different geographic regions and end segments. We emphasize the importance of face-to-face interviews with end customers and other market players and stakeholders to gain full understanding of the market in question.

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Operations Improvement

Our experienced and hands-on technical team assists our clients in improving their production efficiency and, hence, their cash flow. We pay attention to minimal CAPEX investments and quick-fix items for short paybacks and fast returns. However, large CAPEX items are always carefully considered and analyzed. Feasibility of investments is always included in our studies.

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