Identifying new business opportunities

Ensuring future competitiveness by being one step ahead

Business assessments

We assist our clients in identifying new business opportunities through systematic, hands-on, customized analyses. Vision Hunters service offering includes e.g. strategic market and business opportunity analyses and technical and financial feasibility studies. We support our clients entering new markets or finding new business opportunities within bioproducts and innovative solutions. We can also support our clients in establishing their own venture capital development approach.

Vision Hunters conducts analysis in different geographic regions and end segments. We emphasize the importance of face-to-face interviews with end customers and other market players and stakeholders to gain full understanding of the market, end users and consumer groups in question.

Business opportunity development

Market and end use analysis is typically done for a product or product group. As a basis for the study, a thorough market and business environment analysis in the given geographic region is completed on a desktop basis. The study can be deepened with market interviews with both clients, end-users and industry stakeholders. Based on these, we compile the identified business opportunities into a report that includes product requirements, end customer requirements, service requirements etc. in different market segments and regions.

Conversion strategies

Conversion strategy studies include e.g. strategic analyses on how to increase cash flow from an existing paper machine with minimal investments. The aim is to find new lucrative products and markets with future growth opportunities that fit the company’s strategy for an existing paper machine. The study includes a market analysis as well as a technical analysis. Feasibility of different alternatives is analyzed.

Market and end use analyses

Market and end use analyses are always customized according to the clients’ needs. The analyses typically cover key trends and drivers, business environment and market demand with forecast. We put strong emphasis on market interviews, both with clients and end users. The market interviews bring about very valuable information, uncovering the reasons behind the data. This in turn puts the work on a more practical level.

Feasibility studies

A business feasibility analysis includes the entire project scope; raw material availability, competitive environment, market outlook, competitiveness, business potential and financial profitability. Technical feasibility studies are done in cooperation with a partnering engineering agency covering technical concept development. Complete investment feasibility study assessment covers comprehensively all required aspects.