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Wood Products

The global wood industry includes products such as sawn wood, plywood, panels and wood-plastic composites. The demand in this sector is driven by the level of activity in the end-use industries, such as building construction and industrial use.

Vision Hunters’ expertise covers hardwood and softwood sawn wood and plywood production and markets. We have a track record of several M&A assignments and new business opportunity assignment projects for the wood products industry globally.

Resource-efficient processes in the focus

The scarcity of wood resources is pushing the development of resource-efficient processes and the use of clean technology.  It is not enough for the industry to use certified wood. A stronger focus on operational efficiency, the carbon footprint, waste management and recycling aspects are needed. For example, waste wood, such as from building sites or broken pallets are currently mainly being utilised as energy.

Timber is trending

Sustainability is a key driving force also in the building industry, where governmental regulations also support the increased use of sustainable construction materials.  Low carbon materials like timber and light-frame wood constructions can help address climate change and play a part in the creation of future sustainable cities and urban centers. Needing little more than sunlight and rainfall to grow, producing timber requires significantly less energy than any other mainstream building material. For example, producing steel requires many more times the energy needed to produce wood; while concrete can give off 140kg CO2 per cubic meter produced.


Players along the value chain are looking for overall sustainability

Product end-users, brand owners and industry players require lower impact and longer lasting products and services. Players along the value chain are increasingly looking for overall sustainability and ways to reduce the environmental load.
Vision Hunters helps clients in the wood products industry to maximize the value creation of their operations.

Service offering for Wood Products

  • Strategic wood products market analysis and new market entries
  • Supply chain optimization
  • Feasibility studies
  • Operational excellence and technical assessment
  • Wood availability and Sourcing strategy
  • M&A services