Advisory services for sustainable Energy choices

for creating a competitive edge


Growth in the global energy demand, resource depletion and increasing waste generation are creating an urgency to rethink energy strategies and address sustainability priorities.

We need increasingly ambitious climate actions by countries and industries alike, to limit the global warming to 1.5°C. The industry sector is responsible for one fifth of the global emissions and thus in a position to positively affect the outcome through their own strategies, especially with energy strategies in focus. Energy efficiency and renewable energy targets drive the change. This includes various regional and country level policies and targets, of which one of the latest was globally welcomed; China’s commitment to carbon neutrality by 2060.

Vision Hunters can support forest industry companies to develop their sustainable energy strategies taking into consideration the regulatory requirements and climate policies without compromising energy and cost efficiency.

Creating a competitive edge

The pulp and paper industry is highly energy intensive.  However, forest industry companies are forerunners in renewable energy production and in finding solutions to improve their energy efficiency. The continuously developing technologies for production and emission control, digitalization, artificial intelligence and machine learning, and new alternative fuels enable ongoing improvement.  Finding ways to improve the energy efficiency in a production unit and lowering the costs, brings naturally a competitive edge.

As a response to the fossil free fuel demand, forest-based biomass and pulp production side streams can be further utilized in biofuels production. Modern pulp mills, that in fact are biorefineries, have an energy self-sufficiency rate reaching over 150%. This means that they have a positive impact on countries energy matrix.
However, the energy usage at pulp mills in many parts of the world is not efficient enough and there is room for improving energy efficiency,  consequently reducing the climate impact.

From strategic energy-related advice to hands-on support and practical solutions

In addition to supporting clients with their energy strategy development, Vision Hunters has a hands-on team that can assess and  identifying opportunities for improving energy efficiency at production, and provide options for renewable energy solutions.

Vision Hunters can help clients identifying new business opportunities in biofuels covering market insights, business, and technical concepts.

Key offerings for the Energy sector:

  • Holistic energy strategy covering companies all industrial assets
  • Energy efficiency improvement and energy audit
  • Biofuel production, with the main focus on cellulosic based biofuels
  • Bioenergy production
  • Strategic market analysis including the different biofuel markets and regions globally.
  • Sourcing strategy for different biofuels feedstock
  • Technical assessment of the energy assets and operational performance, feasibility of alternative energy solutions