Falk Steiner, Senior Consultant

Falk has more than 20 years of international leadership experience, working within diverse cultural and ethical teams, in the pulp-, paper-, and board industry. He is an energetic networker with a results-driven attitude and excellent project management skills. Falk has a comprehensive industry knowledge with multiple complex projects to show in his track record.

He is a global citizen and has held leadership positions in international forestry products manufacturing and trading companies in Germany, Sweden, China, New Zealand, and Hong Kong.

"I am amazed by the endless efforts in innovation this industry has witnessed during the past 20 years."

“When growing up, my father, who was an eager hunter, used to take me with him into the forest. He taught me everything he knew about nature and wildlife. I remember running in the forests with our dogs days at end. Something that I was outright addicted to”; Falk says.

“When entering the forest products industry back in 1997, I strongly believe my childhood days in the forest influenced my career choice stronger than I admitted at the time. Learning about this industry and seeing the will for development and improvement, was in a way addictive too.  Understanding how much effort and investment there has been made to just produce for example a sheet of paper, is still mind bottling. Still when I visit a pulp, paper, or a board mill, they amaze me just the way they did the first time I saw one”: he continues.

There is no end to the innovation from trees and fibres

“The change I have witnessed in this industry during the past 20 years has been stunning. It seems that there are no limits to what can be created from our main raw material, the tree, and its fibres. And the innovation just continues.

In my opinion, especially the big pulp, paper and board producers in Europe have managed to change their scope and focus way better than other industries. Innovation in sustainability and alternative products are amazing and I believe we have not yet reached the limits yet. Ideas are being developed and there is an ongoing flow of innovation.

Reflecting upon the progress in Asia

Having been based in Asia for a good part of his career, Falk is following keenly that market. “Asia, India etc will follow the path of Europe once they have reached the same market conditions. Their development is happening at a faster pace, but it will still take its time. The whole recycling segment needs to develop. Recycling and waste management for used paper products and so on are still in its early phases.”

“Asia is close to my heart and is a very interesting part of my career. There I witnessed the rapid change of the forest industry in a very short time. From used machinery buyers to million-dollar greenfield investments within a decade! If the same speed is applied to improving sustainability, it will be a game changer once again”: Falk comments.

Travelling is something I always enjoyed, both for business and for leisure. Right now, due to COVID it’s all a bit difficult.  However, the day will come when I can travel with my daughter and show her the world with all its facets, different cultures and endless varieties of food/cuisines. For now, I continue the tradition of spending time in the forest – with my daughter, wife and dog.

Falk Steiner

Senior Consultant