Heikki Saarenhovi, Consultant

Heikki holds an M.Sc. degree in Industrial Engineering and Management from Aalto University, majoring in strategy. Heikki’s expertise in the field is further strengthened by his minor degree in Advanced Energy Solutions.
When not working, Heikki enjoys spending time outdoors, pursuing sports and self-development.

"Avoid the easiest option, as it may lead to outdated strategies and competitive advantages that were effective in the past."

Prior to joining Vision Hunters in April 2023, Heikki has worked in management consulting conducting several strategic advisory projects, involving strategy formulations, market studies, new business opportunities, business transformation, and feasibility assessments.

A keen interest in forest industry

Heikki has a keen interest in the forest industry, which he believes offers tremendous opportunities for addressing current and future challenges.  “During my studies and prior work experience, I noticed that the forest industry provides the most convincing opportunities for assessing the current and future challenges. A transition to a more sustainable future requires both strategically bold and economically feasible decisions.”

I am driven to think beyond the obvious when it comes to growing a business sustainably and profitably. I believe that choosing the easiest option will only result in strategies and competitive advantages that were applicable yesterday, and therefore, I am always exploring new and innovative approaches to drive growth and sustainability.

Fond of outdoor, sports & self-development

When he is not working, Heikki enjoys spending his free time in the outdoors, pursuing sports and self-development. Football is one of his favorite sports, which he finds a great way to combine outdoor activity with teamwork. During weekends, he likes to spend time in nature, especially in the Finnish archipelago.

Professional growth and learning

At Vision Hunters, Heikki has found an excellent environment for continuous learning and professional growth. He appreciates the opportunity to work with a team of experts and learn from them. The company’s commitment to developing its employees’ skills and expertise aligns with Heikki’s values, making it an ideal place for him to grow.

Heikki Saarenhovi