Iris Ollila, Managing Director

Iris has a wealth of experience in consulting from the public and private sectors and has been leading strategic management consulting assignments and teams globally. Iris joined Vision Hunters in 2018 and was appointed Managing Director in 2022.  An environmental economist by training, she is thrilled to be part of the green transition through her daily work.

"Always taking the road less travelled"

I have always had a strong wanderlust. Discovering novel ideas, solutions and places keeps my vigorous curiosity nourished. Both when traveling and at work, I find it worthwhile to observe the scenery from different angles. When out on adventure, I naturally seek places untouched by human. A similar approach can be useful when it comes to problem-solving: solutions are often found in questioning and analysing facts that appear distant from the original scope.

Finding and expanding your limits

We are renewable resources when it comes to adaptability and capability to grow. Working closely with improving resource efficiency, I find it important to also test and stretch one’s own boundaries through lifelong learning, even more so in an industry with a rapid innovation cycle. This often entails seeking ideas from other fields and staying alert to global developments in the socioeconomic-, political- and financial sphere. This applies equally to my thrill for endurance sports where you constantly seek to go further, higher, faster. And what is best – you always get to retain your zeal for challenge in a position where there are evermore a few more steps to the summit!

Iris Ollila

Managing Director