Jussi Räsänen, Consultant

Jussi holds a Master of Science in Chemical Engineering. He has a background as Senior Process Engineer and has always been interested in biobased materials and energy solutions. Jussi is determined to design the best technical solutions for the customers’ needs.

“The future requires us to produce more with less and aim towards higher product value”

The increasing concerns on climate change compels us to develop more sustainable and efficient methods of producing energy and products, while also reducing our reliance on fossil fuels. This means that the efficiency of existing solutions should be increased, resulting in higher utilisation of side and recycling streams, as well as deployment of new advanced technologies.

Creating more with less in a sustainable way

However, expanding the use of biomass should be done in accordance with regulations in order to avoid biodiversity loss and to encourage the sustainable use of renewable resources. As a result, the future will necessitate material and energy solutions that create more with less and aiming for higher product value.

A stepwise approach

I enjoy taking long walks and runs in the nature. It is not only relaxing and inspiring, but can also open new perspectives and points of view. When training for the marathon, I realised how similar it was to any project work. You can only succeed if you take it one step at a time, keep up with a timetable, and working hard while also resting when necessary.  In my spare time, aside from been active and training, I enjoy spending time with my loved ones and playing the occasional quick game of chess. I’m not a pro yet, but it’s a project I’m still working on.

Jussi Räsänen, Consultant, Vision Hunters

Jussi Räsänen