Mergers and acquisition services

Vision Hunters can act as an advisor throughout the entire M&A process.

M&A services

In M&A processes various needs for documentation, such as due diligence analyses or preparation of information memoranda, come into play.

Vision Hunters assists clients in the pre- and post-M&A processes, and we have the capability to act as an advisor in the entire partner identification process of target or investor. Advisory services cover screening of the potential acquisition targets or potential investors. Our experienced, well connected team can open the right doors in the industry facilitating the success of M&A realisation.

Screening of acquisition targets

On the selection of potential acquisition targets, we employ a formal and systematic screening methodology. The screening will be based on client-agreed-upon criteria, and the best strategic fits will be presented for the client’s consideration. The study may also involve contacting potential candidates.

Information Memoranda

A formal and bankable Information Memorandum detailing the investment possibility for possible buyer candidates is a critical element of the M&A process. We prepare the material with  diligence to meet all the strict requirements of the M&A process.

Partner search

A partner search process is usually long and effected in tight cooperation with the client. The process starts with the screening of the potential candidates and material preparation. We prepare the required documentation with the client and involve client’s and our legal department when needed. Our experienced partner network can open the doors on the right levels to initiate the discussions. A partner search process can be combined with the preparation of an Information Memorandum.

Business and technical due diligence

The due diligence studies support our clients in making their investment decisions. Our hands-on and experienced team can analyse the target company’s business and/or assets in a given, usually tight, schedule and to validate the full development potential of the target.

Post-merger services

Vision Hunters provides post-merger expert services to support the client in developing a post-merger strategy and integration plan to enable the fast, efficient and fluent integration process and reactions after the transaction’s closure. Our pragmatic approach guarantees success in capturing the value and early wins, smooth migration and continuation of the operations, functional governance structure and communications.