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Paper, paperboard & packaging

Driven by digitization and paperless communication, online e-commerce, and web advertising the demand of graphic papers continues to decline. This trend has been accelerated by the impact of the pandemic on paper consumption in schools, offices, and businesses. The same drivers support the upswing of packaging grades.

The growth of e-commerce continues, supported by stay-at-home restrictions with more take-away spending and online shopping, all increasing the consumer demand on packaged goods. We can also see that urbanization, protectionism and nationalism will affect and reshape the industry supply chains.

Vision Hunters has a strong expertise and track record in the paper, paperboard, and packaging industries throughout their life cycle and value chains.  Understanding the fundamentally changing business landscape, we help our clients in making sustainable business decisions for value-creating growth.

Strong innovation ongoing in all packaging and  paper grades

Where consumption of traditional printing papers continuous to fall, there is ongoing innovation for new paper grades. The growing sustainability trend is opening opportunities for recyclable and biodegradable solutions supporting the demand for kraft papers and specialty papers with different functional properties.

Innovation is also a must for the packaging industry, which is undergoing a continuous morphing. Digital development is not only driving the consumption but is also enabling integration of sensors and other technology into packaging. The sustainability pressures on the use of plastic opens a huge opportunity for the fiber-based packaging sector to supply eco-friendly, versatile, and intelligent alternatives for the conscious consumer. Sustainability and recycling are high on the strategic agendas of the brand owners, putting further pressure on reinventing their packaging solutions.

Change is an opportunity in the paper and packaging industry

The continuing growth of e-commerce and take-away culture,  the changes in demographics with smaller families and rising single-person households will continue to push the demand for packaged goods.Vision Hunters has been providing strategic consulting services for paper and packaging clients during the past decade of turbulence and ongoing change. Our expertise includes graphic papers, a variety of specialty paper grades and the whole paperboard and packaging segment. Our experience covers all the main grades e.g. specialty papers, graphic papers, cartonboards, containerboards, kraft and sack papers.

Key service offering for paper, paperboard and packaging

  • Conversion strategy and feasibility
  • Assessment of new business opportunities including new markets, new grades and new substituting products
  • Strategic market analysis and field interviews
  • Feasibility studies for new investment projects, conversions and second options
  • Operational excellence and technical assessments for different machine strategies to increase the company cash flow and company value creation
  • M&A services cover the support along the M&A process from the identification of partner and acquisition targets through to concrete business and technical due diligence