Patrick Poitevin, Senior Associate

Patrick (M.Sc. Tech) has 45 years of  Blue Sky, Packaging Development, Packaging Innovation, Packaging Engineering, Quality Assurance, and Material Science experience, working globally and cross industry.

He holds in depth knowledge of flexible papers, barrier coatings, conversion technologies, pack off, and digital technologies.  Patrick is an leading expert with a passion and hunger for innovation, newness and latest technologies.

"Eager to share knowledge and always hungry for new ideas."

Patrick Poitevin joined the Vision Hunters’ worldwide team of associates in July 2022 after a solid 45 years of working with packaging innovation, engineering, and development at major global companies like as Mondelez, Marks & Spencer, Nestlé, Campina, COTY, and Estée Lauder.

With a lifetime of experience working with global brands, he brings vast expertise of the packaging industry, from mass market to high-end consumer products, in food, confectionery, beverages, cosmetics, personal care and fragrances.

End-to-end packaging is my baby

Despite being a chemist, I have never stopped learning. To mention a few, I’ve studied statistics, total quality control, viscosimetry, chromatography, packaging, colorimetry, navigation, meteorology, and distance learning in solar physics. I am hungry for new ideas and eager to share my knowledge with a larger audience. An advocate of digital technologies and sustainability, particularly fibres.

I have in depth knowledge of compliances, chemistry, recyclability, consumer perception, functionality, machinability and last but not least barrier properties.  In a  nutshell, end to end packaging related  is “my baby”.

When you do something, do it with passion!

My hobby has been astronomy since I saw the Moon landings in the late 1960s, which inspired me to build my own telescope and observatory. Exploration is a meeting point between science and nature. Since then, I’ve gone to view, photograph, and measure 50 solar eclipses. My adventures took me all over the world. I’ve been organising pro-am worldwide conferences, bringing individuals with similar interests together to share their knowledge. I also started the Scopes4SEN charity, which donates telescopes to children with special educational needs. In less than seven years, around 1600 telescopes have been donated.

My purpose is to inspire and educate others.

Patrick Poitevin

Senior Associate