Rainer Häggblom, Partner & Chairman

Rainer Häggblom has supervised major M&A, post-merger integration and organizational and strategic development assignments in the forest products and energy industries in North America, Europe, Asia and Latin-America. He has conducted large number of strategy, investment planning and M&A assignments in more than 50 countries in forest industry. He holds several board positions globally.

"I am driven by challenges. A good leader also needs to have the courage to fail."

I have a very competitive nature and I enjoy challenges. I like to push things to the next level, to outperform myself. Success is a big motivator for me. The success of the projects I am involved in, of the businesses I am in and the success of my colleagues. Naturally, I am also motivated by business success in form of positive financial performance.

Mankind is facing the challenge of having a limited supply of life-sustaining resources. We need to continuously improve resource efficiency on all fronts. In this equation the Forest Industry and the bioeconomy will have a considerable role. The use of all fractions of forest biomass, upgrading waste streams to high value industrial raw materials for new renewable products, is a development that continues with an accelerating speed. We will see a considerable improvement in the portfolio of sustainable alternatives and overall resource efficiency in the decades to come. The change will be remarkable.

Thinking outside the box and having the courage to fail

A great business leader is for me a person with a genuine curiosity and understanding of different fields – also outside their own area of competence. A person who sees the big picture and connects one’s own work or business to the overall master plan. Is curious, stays open, thinks outside the box AND has the courage to fail.

A person of the extremes

Rainer is a passionate alpine skier and loves the thrill of racing. On the other hand, he is a keen bird watcher and enjoys the tranquillity of nature walks. These two hobbies are quite the opposite. “I am a person of the extremes I have to admit” Rainer comments. Alpine racing has been lifelong hobby of mine. I am truly addicted to speed and to the rush of racing down a steep slope. However, winding down in nature, watching birds and wildlife, and picking mushrooms is something I could not go without. A forest is the best of places to take some time off for one’s own thoughts and to recharge”; Rainer concludes.

Rainer Häggblom

Partner, Chairman