Solid understanding of the tissue business landscape

Tissue & Hygiene

The global tissue business keeps going strong. In the hygiene products sector the drivers vary a bit geographically due to factors like different hygiene cultures, the level of market penetration of different products and age demographics.


Also, the turmoil caused by the pandemic had a lasting impact on the tissue market by altering consumer behaviour through an increased focus on hygiene and safety.

Comprehensive service offering for the tissue and hygiene sector

Vision Hunters tissue consulting expertise covers the business dynamics between branded and private label markets as well as at-home and away-from-home markets and related to tissue based on wood fiber and recycled fibers.
Our expertise in the hygiene sector covers fluff pulp and end use business dynamics,  including end uses in non-woven products, diapers, adult incontinence, and feminine pads.

Sustainability at the heart also in the tissue industry

Sustainability and environmentally sound products and processes are in the core for many leading global tissue industry players. Technological advances in the manufacturing process and efficient use of raw materials will improve both design and mill profitability.
Alternative raw materials are also of interest, eg. Bamboo. Unbleached tissue products, which are not that that popular in Europe, are gaining interest and market share in some geographic areas like China, driven by personal health and safety factors.

Market growth of tissue continues

Tissue & fluff is estimated to account roughly half of the market pulp demand, being the largest end-use segment. The tissue market is expected to grow by "3-4% annually during the next decade. On the long-term, the key drivers for tissue demand are the rapid development of emerging markets, product penetration levels, demographic changes and increasing focus on hygiene. Tissue consumption is rather robust against the economy’s cycles, although there is a positive correlation between tissue consumption and economic growth. The top questions of tissue business relate to fibre sourcing, price of energy, and industry structure. The high-grade recycled fibre diminishes alongside the decline in graphic paper demand and fragmented players merge to achieve higher synergies.

Consulting services for the Tissue and Hygiene sector:

  • Corporate and business strategies
  • New business and expansion opportunity assessments
  • Feasibility studies and investment advisory
  • Strategic market analysis and market entry
  • Fibre sourcing and availability
  • Technical and business feasibility studies
  • M&A services