Consumer packaging sector in transformation – More of the same is not enough.

The growing e-commerce will not only increase the demand for packaging, but it is changing the packaging solutions for good. What will be the most important characteristics of packaging when the competition is not on the shelf in a retail store?

The consumer packaging demand growth is based on the two (old) pillars: Economic growth and Demographic changes. The growth of the middle class and urbanization are increasing the packaging demand in new regions on global scale. On a big scale the packaging industry is looking attractive and is carried by on-going increase in e-commerce.

But more of the same is not anymore enough for brand owners and more significantly not enough for the consumers. The packaging sector transformation trends are gaining increasing importance over the growth trends in sector analysis.

Consumer preferences are driving material decisions

The consumer packaging sector is facing a significant transformation as the consumption habits, cultural and social trends and environmental awareness are gaining weight in the choice of packaging. The consumer perception of the packaging solutions will affect the material decisions.

The trend of down-gauging cannot continue forever, new barrier solutions are needed when recyclability is a necessity for packaging. Technological solutions will also allow more customized and personalized packaging for the same products but different demographics. These will create new property requirements for the packaging solutions of the future.

The environmental trends and recyclability are now on the news more than ever and there is debate on the terminology and solutions. Who will win paper or plastic, sustainability or recyclability, or is disposability the key in choosing packaging materials?

The innovation for the new era of packaging needs to be focused on what consumers need rather than what they want.  In addition, the new solutions need increasing functionality.

Only one thing is certain: no one in the value chain is lining up to cover the cost of the transformation.

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