Severi Sinkko, Analyst Trainee

Severi Sinkko, Analyst Trainee

With a background in analytics and growth hacking, Severi holds a B.Sc. Degree in Industrial Engineering and Management from Aalto University and is currently finishing his studies in strategy. In his spare time, he enjoys the thrill of playing both disc and traditional golf on Helsinki’s golf courses, shouting friendly “FOREs” to his co-players.

"Finding ways to harness the potential of technologies is crucial to pave the way for transformative environmental solutions."

Driven by purpose and sustainability

“I’m driven by changing the world for the better”, Severi said, when he first applied to join Vision Hunters. He is dedicated to making a difference and keen about constant learning in the field: “I want to utilise my skills in the sustainability domain and further develop my strategic thinking while gaining expertise from the top professionals in the industry.”

A nature lover with a Vision

“I am an enthusiastic nature lover. Whether it was disc golf, hiking, mountain biking, kayaking or cooking in the wilderness, you can count me in.” While enjoying the Finnish nature, Severi also has a vision of preserving the environment:

“Today, humankind is put to the ultimate test. We will see a comprehensively ground-braking technological development happening in the upcoming years while simultaneously, we must discover ways to stop the environmental crisis the Earth is facing. Finding ways to harness the potential of technologies is crucial to pave the way for transformative environmental solutions.”

”My Trainee period has been very comprehensive, offering me various skills related to strategic advisory activities from market research to pricing. It has been inspiring to learn from the best in this field”, Severi summarises.

Severi Sinkko

Analyst Trainee


Heikki Saarenhovi, Analyst

Heikki Saarenhovi, Analyst

Heikki holds an M.Sc. degree in Industrial Engineering and Management from Aalto University, majoring in strategy. Heikki’s expertise in the field is further strengthened by his minor degree in Advanced Energy Solutions.
When not working, Heikki enjoys spending time outdoors, pursuing sports and self-development.

"Avoid the easiest option, as it may lead to outdated strategies and competitive advantages that were effective in the past."

Prior to joining Vision Hunters in April 2023, Heikki has worked in management consulting conducting several strategic advisory projects, involving strategy formulations, market studies, new business opportunities, business transformation, and feasibility assessments.

A keen interest in forest industry

Heikki has a keen interest in the forest industry, which he believes offers tremendous opportunities for addressing current and future challenges.  “During my studies and prior work experience, I noticed that the forest industry provides the most convincing opportunities for assessing the current and future challenges. A transition to a more sustainable future requires both strategically bold and economically feasible decisions.”

I am driven to think beyond the obvious when it comes to growing a business sustainably and profitably. I believe that choosing the easiest option will only result in strategies and competitive advantages that were applicable yesterday, and therefore, I am always exploring new and innovative approaches to drive growth and sustainability.

Fond of outdoor, sports & self-development

When he is not working, Heikki enjoys spending his free time in the outdoors, pursuing sports and self-development. Football is one of his favorite sports, which he finds a great way to combine outdoor activity with teamwork. During weekends, he likes to spend time in nature, especially in the Finnish archipelago.

Professional growth and learning

At Vision Hunters, Heikki has found an excellent environment for continuous learning and professional growth. He appreciates the opportunity to work with a team of experts and learn from them. The company’s commitment to developing its employees’ skills and expertise aligns with Heikki’s values, making it an ideal place for him to grow.

Heikki Saarenhovi



Patrick Poitevin, Senior Associate

Patrick Poitevin, Senior Associate

Patrick (M.Sc. Tech) has 45 years of  Blue Sky, Packaging Development, Packaging Innovation, Packaging Engineering, Quality Assurance, and Material Science experience, working globally and cross industry.

He holds in depth knowledge of flexible papers, barrier coatings, conversion technologies, pack off, and digital technologies.  Patrick is an leading expert with a passion and hunger for innovation, newness and latest technologies.

"Eager to share knowledge and always hungry for new ideas."

Patrick Poitevin joined the Vision Hunters’ worldwide team of associates in July 2022 after a solid 45 years of working with packaging innovation, engineering, and development at major global companies like as Mondelez, Marks & Spencer, Nestlé, Campina, COTY, and Estée Lauder.

With a lifetime of experience working with global brands, he brings vast expertise of the packaging industry, from mass market to high-end consumer products, in food, confectionery, beverages, cosmetics, personal care and fragrances.

End-to-end packaging is my baby

Despite being a chemist, I have never stopped learning. To mention a few, I’ve studied statistics, total quality control, viscosimetry, chromatography, packaging, colorimetry, navigation, meteorology, and distance learning in solar physics. I am hungry for new ideas and eager to share my knowledge with a larger audience. An advocate of digital technologies and sustainability, particularly fibres.

I have in depth knowledge of compliances, chemistry, recyclability, consumer perception, functionality, machinability and last but not least barrier properties.  In a  nutshell, end to end packaging related  is “my baby”.

When you do something, do it with passion!

My hobby has been astronomy since I saw the Moon landings in the late 1960s, which inspired me to build my own telescope and observatory. Exploration is a meeting point between science and nature. Since then, I’ve gone to view, photograph, and measure 50 solar eclipses. My adventures took me all over the world. I’ve been organising pro-am worldwide conferences, bringing individuals with similar interests together to share their knowledge. I also started the Scopes4SEN charity, which donates telescopes to children with special educational needs. In less than seven years, around 1600 telescopes have been donated.

My purpose is to inspire and educate others.

Patrick Poitevin

Senior Associate


Martin Karlsson, Analyst

Martin Karlsson, Analyst

Martin holds a B.Sc. (Econ), majored in finance. Currently he is studying for a M.Sc. degree in both economics & business administration majoring in finance at Hanken School of Economics and in forestry at University of Helsinki majoring in forest bioeconomy.

"The bioeconomy is critical to society's transition to a greener economy."

Solutions for a greener future need to add value

The bioeconomy is critical to society’s transition to a greener economy. Personally, I feel that in order to achieve a greener future, it must bring added value for those who invests in it. A sustainable bioeconomy has the potential to solve many climate and biodiversity challenges.  The bioeconomy is actively contributing in the green transition, promoting equitable and economically feasible growth on a social and regional scale.

Farming as a hobby

I grew up on a farm in southern Finland, and I’ve always been involved in farm and forestry work, which I continue to do alongside my studies and work. Working with Vision Hunters gives a different view on the forest industry than working in the forest. Having two distinct perspectives on forestry provides a better view of the entire sector. In addition, prior to joining Vision Hunters, I worked for Inkoo Shipping for four summers, three as a stevedore and one with administrative duties. During those summers, there was a noticeable shift in imports from fossil fuels to biomass, which was a change one could actually see even without looking at the numbers.

Other than working on the farm or in the forest, game management and hunting are two of my favourite spare time activities. During hunting season, I spend most of my weekends in the woods with the local hunting club.



Martin Karlsson



Jussi Räsänen, Consultant, Vision Hunters

Jussi Räsänen, Consultant

Jussi Räsänen, Consultant

Jussi holds a Master of Science in Chemical Engineering. He has a background as Senior Process Engineer and has always been interested in biobased materials and energy solutions. Jussi is determined to design the best technical solutions for the customers’ needs.

“The future requires us to produce more with less and aim towards higher product value”

The increasing concerns on climate change compels us to develop more sustainable and efficient methods of producing energy and products, while also reducing our reliance on fossil fuels. This means that the efficiency of existing solutions should be increased, resulting in higher utilisation of side and recycling streams, as well as deployment of new advanced technologies.

Creating more with less in a sustainable way

However, expanding the use of biomass should be done in accordance with regulations in order to avoid biodiversity loss and to encourage the sustainable use of renewable resources. As a result, the future will necessitate material and energy solutions that create more with less and aiming for higher product value.

A stepwise approach

I enjoy taking long walks and runs in the nature. It is not only relaxing and inspiring, but can also open new perspectives and points of view. When training for the marathon, I realised how similar it was to any project work. You can only succeed if you take it one step at a time, keep up with a timetable, and working hard while also resting when necessary.  In my spare time, aside from been active and training, I enjoy spending time with my loved ones and playing the occasional quick game of chess. I’m not a pro yet, but it’s a project I’m still working on.

Jussi Räsänen, Consultant, Vision Hunters

Jussi Räsänen



Falk Steiner, Senior Consultant

Falk Steiner, Senior Consultant

Falk has more than 20 years of international leadership experience, working within diverse cultural and ethical teams, in the pulp-, paper-, and board industry. He is an energetic networker with a results-driven attitude and excellent project management skills. Falk has a comprehensive industry knowledge with multiple complex projects to show in his track record.

He is a global citizen and has held leadership positions in international forestry products manufacturing and trading companies in Germany, Sweden, China, New Zealand, and Hong Kong.

"I am amazed by the endless efforts in innovation this industry has witnessed during the past 20 years."

“When growing up, my father, who was an eager hunter, used to take me with him into the forest. He taught me everything he knew about nature and wildlife. I remember running in the forests with our dogs days at end. Something that I was outright addicted to”; Falk says.

“When entering the forest products industry back in 1997, I strongly believe my childhood days in the forest influenced my career choice stronger than I admitted at the time. Learning about this industry and seeing the will for development and improvement, was in a way addictive too.  Understanding how much effort and investment there has been made to just produce for example a sheet of paper, is still mind bottling. Still when I visit a pulp, paper, or a board mill, they amaze me just the way they did the first time I saw one”: he continues.

There is no end to the innovation from trees and fibres

“The change I have witnessed in this industry during the past 20 years has been stunning. It seems that there are no limits to what can be created from our main raw material, the tree, and its fibres. And the innovation just continues.

In my opinion, especially the big pulp, paper and board producers in Europe have managed to change their scope and focus way better than other industries. Innovation in sustainability and alternative products are amazing and I believe we have not yet reached the limits yet. Ideas are being developed and there is an ongoing flow of innovation.

Reflecting upon the progress in Asia

Having been based in Asia for a good part of his career, Falk is following keenly that market. “Asia, India etc will follow the path of Europe once they have reached the same market conditions. Their development is happening at a faster pace, but it will still take its time. The whole recycling segment needs to develop. Recycling and waste management for used paper products and so on are still in its early phases.”

“Asia is close to my heart and is a very interesting part of my career. There I witnessed the rapid change of the forest industry in a very short time. From used machinery buyers to million-dollar greenfield investments within a decade! If the same speed is applied to improving sustainability, it will be a game changer once again”: Falk comments.

Travelling is something I always enjoyed, both for business and for leisure. Right now, due to COVID it’s all a bit difficult.  However, the day will come when I can travel with my daughter and show her the world with all its facets, different cultures and endless varieties of food/cuisines. For now, I continue the tradition of spending time in the forest – with my daughter, wife and dog.

Falk Steiner

Senior Consultant


Anna Nuotio, Project Manager

Anna Nuotio, Project Manager

Anna (M.Sc. Technology) has been working in different project stages in the Pulp and Paper industry including feasibility, basic engineering and detail engineering projects, ranging from global mega sized projects to smaller strategic techno-economic studies. Her role at Vision Hunters is to conduct technical and strategic analysis. Anna joined Vision Hunters in 2021 and has a previous background as a Process Engineer

New bio-based opportunities are continually appearing – what is required is identification and implementation.

“It is exciting to be a part of the bioeconomy transformation and see how technological advancements are resulting in new fiber-based alternatives to fossil-based products”: Anna comments.

“We must become more resource efficient and close the energy and water loops even further. To reduce waste, the circularity of materials will necessitate processes that utilize all side streams and end-products that are designed for reuse and recycling.”

The concept of converting pulp mills into biorefineries will continue to evolve, allowing for new business models and platforms for outside operators. New bioeconomy opportunities are continually appearing; all that is required is for them to be identified and implemented.

At home outdoors

Like many Finns, Anna enjoys spending time in the woods, and mushroom picking is one of her favorite activities. “There are about 100 delicate or superb mushroom species in our woodlands, and learning to recognize them all will take a lifetime”

“My engineering background occasionally takes over, and I take a more scientific approach to mushroom hunting, analyzing topographic maps to have a better understanding of the terrain and the types of mushrooms to seek. Admittedly, I do have a sort of geeky component to my personality.”

Aside from the satisfaction of picking a basket full of mushrooms, the catch provides unlimited inspiration for culinary masterpieces to be enjoyed with  family and friends.

Anna Nuotio

Project Manager


Hanna Lahtinen, Strategy Analyst

Hanna Lahtinen, Strategy Analyst

Hanna has a Master of Science in Economics & Business Administration. She has also studied Environmental Engineering and has gained experience in circular economy from the primary and secondary sectors. Hanna is keen to promote natural capitalism and sustainable usage of resources. Hanna joined Vision Hunters in May 2021.

I am eager to translate my ideas into projects and my dreams into concrete goals

After my graduation I searched for an opportunity where I could utilise my versatile employment history and educational background in finance and environmental engineering. Among other things, I’ve gained experience as a process operator and forester, so sustainability and resource efficiency are familiar concepts for me from grass-root level. My studies in the forestry sector built a strong foundation for my subsequent degree in economics and business administration. I am especially interested in renewable assets,  business and market dynamics, and green finance. Vision Hunters feels like a perfect fit for me and I am very excited to be a part of the team and further pursue my professional goals.

A doer and a dreamer

I am a 50-50 idealist-realist. I like to combine my analytical mindset and way of thinking with my creative side. I am eager to translate my ideas into projects and my dreams into concrete goals.
I am passionate about music and also very fond of nature and wildlife. In my spare time I often sit at the piano and compose my own music. It helps me to focus and unwind and I feel that there is a perfect track for every occasion.
I also like hiking and just wandering around in the nature. Finland is the land of green gold with a plethora of beautiful places. I hope that through my work I can be a part of helping clients to  strive  for innovation to tackle global sustainability challenges.

Hanna Lahtinen

Strategy Analyst


Samuel Leppänen, Project Manager

Samuel Leppänen, Project Manager

Samuel has been with Vision Hunters for five years and has participated in over 40 strategic initiatives targeted at the bio-based industry worldwide. He holds an engineering degree from Aalto University, where he majored in sustainable processing of biomass into a variety of valuable bioproducts. During his time at Vision Hunters, he has focused especially on competitive analyses, technological assessments, packaging papers, and plastic substitution.

Finding solutions beyond the obvious​

I’m a very active person with a positive and curious attitude towards exploring new things. Nature, friends, and different sports help me switch  off from work. As an enthusiastic climber, I consider myself a problem solver both on and off the job. Knowing one’s own strengths and shortcomings, as well as finding the optimal solution,  is often the key to success when tackling a bouldering problem. The same is true for making the smartest strategic choices in business.​

In the forefront of evolving bio-based industry

I feel privileged to work with Vision Hunters and to be able to actively support the companies in bio-based industry to succeed and develop their businesses. I enjoy working with changing topics, learning new things, and finding a solution beyond the obvious. Working surrounded by motivated and talented colleagues, supporting companies in their strategic decision making, what could be a better way to make a difference within this fine industry of ours?

Place for professional growth

Vision Hunters is an excellent place for advancement and professional growth. I started as an analyst and have been encouraged to define my own professional growth path from the very beginning. I’ve been given both support and opportunity to challenge myself. As a project manager, I am responsible for designing, executing, and completing projects with the assigned team within the scope and timeline. Each project has its own set of complexities making excelling at project work highly motivating.

Samuel Leppänen

Project Manager


Iris Ollila, Managing Director

Iris Ollila, Managing Director

Iris has a wealth of experience in consulting from the public and private sectors and has been leading strategic management consulting assignments and teams globally. Iris joined Vision Hunters in 2018 and was appointed Managing Director in 2022.  An environmental economist by training, she is thrilled to be part of the green transition through her daily work.

"Always taking the road less travelled"

I have always had a strong wanderlust. Discovering novel ideas, solutions and places keeps my vigorous curiosity nourished. Both when traveling and at work, I find it worthwhile to observe the scenery from different angles. When out on adventure, I naturally seek places untouched by human. A similar approach can be useful when it comes to problem-solving: solutions are often found in questioning and analysing facts that appear distant from the original scope.

Finding and expanding your limits

We are renewable resources when it comes to adaptability and capability to grow. Working closely with improving resource efficiency, I find it important to also test and stretch one’s own boundaries through lifelong learning, even more so in an industry with a rapid innovation cycle. This often entails seeking ideas from other fields and staying alert to global developments in the socioeconomic-, political- and financial sphere. This applies equally to my thrill for endurance sports where you constantly seek to go further, higher, faster. And what is best – you always get to retain your zeal for challenge in a position where there are evermore a few more steps to the summit!

Iris Ollila

Managing Director